Joining Clamshell Alliance


Clamshell Alliance: No Nukes welcomes those who wish to join the organization’s efforts. We seek participants of all ages and backgrounds whose goals align with Clamshell’s. Building coalitions with climate change, sustainability, Native American and other movements is a key

Ways of participating:

  1. Learn about our efforts, get connected
    a. Sign up for our periodic emails at
    b. Go to our website, and view our statements, history, news links, resources and more.
    c. Check out with multiple articles every week. (You don’t need to be on Facebook to view this page).
    d. Email us at, with your interests and questions.
  2. Join our monthly meetings and ongoing email listserv discussion
    a. New participants can be invited to join by current members. If you are not already connected to a current member email us to express your interest.
    b. New participants must agree to abide by our Principles of Unity, Decision making and Structure, the organization’s core commitments to:
    i. Nonviolent discipline in all strategies, tactics, and action; respect for all individuals, regardless of any differences.
    ii. Support and initiate nonviolent actions to stop the use of nuclear power domestically and internationally; abolish nuclear weapons.
    iii. Support and initiate actions for conservation and energy technologies that are renewable, regenerative and non-polluting, with a preference for small decentralized democratically owned sources.
    iv. Consensus seeking decision-making.
  3. A current member will contact a new participant to answer questions and affirm the new participant’s commitment to abide by Clamshell’s Principles.
  4. Discontinuation of Clamshell participation
    a) If someone is disrespectful, disruptive, or expects the Clamshell to undertake actions counter to the Clamshell Principles, then:
    a. The group will attempt resolution by brief discussion with them during the gathering, using constructive feedback and active listening,
    b. If needed, a small number of members will be assigned to talk further with those involved shortly after the gathering.
    b) If a positive resolution is not reached by these methods, they must then discontinue their involvement in Clamshell Alliance meetings, gatherings, communications, and actions. They must not represent their views or actions as belonging to the Clamshell Alliance.